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Whether you are saving lives in Africa, teaching in Europe, or an entrepreneur in Asia, Bright!Tax is all packed and ready to go on the journey with you. We are so proud that our work has been recognized with a global EMMA Award, because it proves that we really are breaking new ground and providing an unparalleled client experience. 

Important US Tax Facts For Expats Abroad

Mandatory Reporting

Foreign Accounts

Expat Exemptions

American citizens/green card holders who earn over $10,000 (or $400 self-employment income) are required to file a US tax return reporting worldwide income

There are several IRS exemptions available that expats can claim that reduce most people’s US tax liability to zero (although they still have to file to claim them)

Expats may also have to report their foreign bank/investment accounts and the IRS has access to most foreign bank and tax information, globally

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"This has been the most pleasant experience of filing US tax returns that I've had. Ryan and Dafne have been unfailingly charming, patient and efficient. The process was easy and quick. If I had any US expat friends to whom I could recommend Bright!Tax, I would, without hesitation." Kathy S | Australia

"...I was super late and Katelynn was super fast, two years in a row! Very thorough, knowledgeable, responsive, helpful, and present things in an easy-to-understand way. I'm a permanent clien t! " Mitch P | Vietnam

"I have used several expat tax services before, including my own CPA whom I personally knew in Florida. I have to say, your company was impeccable. Ryan and Daphne were very responsive and worked quickly and efficiently. Without a doubt, you've earned my loyalty and I'll be sure to recommend you to others I know."  Rashad P | Thailand

"Katelynn Minott not only prepared my tax returns, she prepared all the forms for the Streamlined Process. Truthfully, I was ignorant that I had to file at all and also ignorant that the fbars must be filed. I cannot express how relieved I am and my husband that this process is over. Katelynn and Dafne are so professional and easy to communicate with. I felt comfortable doing business with them. I will be returning to have them prepare my tax returns."  Kathleen F | Australia

"I was so pleased to come across Bright!Tax. It was the only tax firm I came across that used positive, helpful language and material, as opposed to scare tactics, to help me navigate this strange tax system we have in the US. Katelynn and Dafne were a pleasure to deal with, responsive, professional and friendly. They really put me at ease with the entire process. I am enormously grateful to have found Bright!Tax and have been recommending them to my other American friends abroad."  Emily H | Israel